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kpop non-title tracks

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 I've getting back into kpop recently and I stumbled upon this video by Simon and Martina. Since the only song I knew/liked was Electric Heart, I decided I'll make my own list. There are a lot of songs I want to include and it would've become too long, even for me, so this is the compromise: I embedded my favorites and linked the rest as honorable mentions. Without further ado, here it is:

Ladies and gentlemen, The Song. I don't think SHINee will ever make a song I'll love more than Obsession. The lyrics are awesome, the melody is awesome, the song is downright haunting and there is even a freaking guitar solo. Kpop music companies should let the artists write their songs more often.

The honorable mentions for SHINee are A-Yo, JoJo and Stranger. I'm pretty sure Stranger was my favorite off the Sherlock EP, and the other two are just adorable.

This one is the U-Kiss version of Obsession for me. Again, I don't think U-Kiss will ever make a song I love more than this one. The entire Neverland album is freaking brilliant, it's a shame Neverland was the only song that got a video and proper promotion. And since I'm fighting myself to put the entire album here, expect a pretty long list of honorable mentions.

That's one of the slow ones. It's beautiful, the English in it is beautiful (I mean, they do have 3 members that are fluent in English, it would be extremely awkward).

Another ballad. Did I mention their ballads in Neverland are awesome? As is the whole Neverland?

And now the honorable mentions. I've never been good with accurate decriptions of things that I love, so I won't even try. Just listen. Tell Me Y, Obsession, On The Floor, Baby Don't Cry, Story of April.

Zero is from the One Shot EP. I loved it so much when it came out that it was my ringtone for a while, I can't help but love the beginning.
An honorable mention from the same EP - Coma. It's a mention not because it's not good enough, but because most of it is in the One Shot MV. One Shot is just a great EP.

I stumbled upon this one by accident. It was playing on a tumblr page I clicked and it was love at first note. I am a bit mad at myself I haven't gone through MBLAQ's discography more thouroughly but oh well.

THIS SOOOOONG. I'm pretty sure it's about a psychopath kidnapping and killing his ex. It's awesome. I've always viewed it as sort of a companion to She's Gone but I'm not sure if that's the case. They are from the same album and I don't really remember any of the other songs but maaaaaaaan these two. I kind of like She's Gone more, but both these songs, to this day are my favorite GD and two of my all time favorite kpop songs.

I think the album version is the one featuring Missy Elliott. For years I thought I liked that version more but nope, I have been living a lie.

The honorable mention here is not by GD himself, but Big Bang as a whole - Cafe.

This song, as well as the next one are my favorite off XOXO. I used the Chinese version simply because I listened to the Hug edition more, so I got used to Chen's vocals more. This should have been the title track. It's an awesome song, it has potential for an awesome video, for fuck's sake SM, Simon and Martina are right.

Long, long before the album came out a demo version of this surfaced. It was in English by... I don't remember who. Anyway, ever since that demo version Let Out The Beast was the song I was most excited for and, after it actually came out, one of my favorites.

Honorable EXO mentions - 3.6.5, Peter Pan, Heart Attack.

I was so confused when I realized this one doesn't have a music video. It's just too good.

And now I'm going into the questionably/most likely not-kpop korean songs I love and have no videos. Really, whatever attention they receive, they deserve more.

I found this song on spotify by accident. It's hands down one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. It's so melancholic, it's so beautiful. I just have no words.

This one was supposed to have a video but it was banned. And not we'll-never-air-it-in-Korea banned. Banned as in there is no video anywhere. Only the teaser. You can see why someone doesn't want this video and most likely this song, to be popular. The lyrics make you stop and think for a second. They're so honest and... the thing you need to feel, not read about.

This. This is the reason I fell in love with San-E. 

Well, that was long. Oh well. Better than a three-page essay on My Chemical Romance, I guess.

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