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 <<for reasons no other than procrastinating, a new post>>

This was inspired by the fact that MTV Rocks played this, this and this, it that order. While for the first one my thoughts were mostly "Mikey!" "Bob!" "<<eternaladmiration>>" "Frank!" "I have not idea what's going on in the video" and "That would be a cool Halloween costume", the second one made me think about all the criticism that bands receive when they change their style. Yeah, okay, sure, it's annoying sometimes and most times even I don't like it but it's what they do and most importantly it's what they like. I mean look at Ronnie. Look at him. The guy is enjoying himself and it's adorable. I lost my train of thought. Or that was probably all I had to say.
Oh, and the Foo Fighters song is here because I love how there're some bands that don't dress up, don't do anything besides taking a random t-shirt and some pants and go out and take their instruments and blow your brains out with awesomeness. You wouldn't notice that person if he walks past you on the street. You wouldn't think "boy he/she looks like a rocker". You wouldn't think anything anything because you wouldn't notice them.

Oh and all the love to MTV Rocks for playing all the cool songs tonight.

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