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I watched BBCR1's Teen Awards tonight and it hit me (once again) how much I want to be in the music business. It doesn't matter how - just. Just something that has something to do with music.
And that brought me to a personal... monologue, of sorts. A monologue that hasn't played in my head for quite some time. It's all these thoughts and opinions that never really come up in a regular conversation and the words are left stuck in your head for the rest of eternity. And what is this blog other than a waste bin for all those words. 
So music.
I have this proffesor this year that keeps giving us an example for how most of today's artists aren't actually talented. This is the question she always asks - Can they fill up a whole arena with their voice only? No microphones, just acapella. Just their voices. The answer is no. Most of them can't.
I am not ashamed to admit that most of the musicians I like, probably all of the musicians I admire and look up to, can't. I see nothing wrong with that. Because music, you see, is not about the voice. It's not about the melody either. Yes, they are important - but not the most important parts of a song. It's all about the feelings. The emotion. I guess a thousand people with a degree would disagree with me but hey, I'm the one who buys the music. I'm the one who enjoys it. I think in the end, my opinion - and that of every other person that loves a song anywhere - is the most important. Anyway.
My point was - it's not about how perfect a song (or a voice, or a melody) is - it's about how it affects you. You can tell when a song is made with feelings. You just can. And to me, that's just as beautiful as any voice that can fill up an arena acapella.
Speaking of feelings, and how music makes people feel, let's mention a few terms: "good music"; "bad music"; "real music". You know what I'm about to talk about.
The reason I transitioned on "feelings" is because what is an opinion if not a feeling about something put into words. Back to the terms. I don't believe any of them exist. Sure, there are types of music that I like more than others (although I try my best to be as tolerant as possible) but. Opinion. That's what this is. I don't get people that shame other people for the music they like - I mean, the fact that you don't like a certain musician doesn't mean he or she or they are not talented. The fact that there are people with, say, a stronger voice, different range than said certain musician still doesn't mean he or she or they are not talented. It hurts me to see musicians who put their everything into what they're doing and people just go and point fingers because "he can't sing" or "she sucks so bad" or whatever else they think of criticizing. It takes so much to build something you love, to put it out there for everyone to see. And it takes so little to tear someone else's thing down. It makes me sad. It makes me want to slap people. It makes me want to teach my potential kids respect.
The way I see it, music comes to life for three general reasons:
To save yourself.
To save others.
To save the world.
Just think about it - every song out there is someone's salvation - be it the musicians' or the kid that finds hope in it. No one should be allowed to shame that. Music is music, it doesn't matter if it is or if it's not your thing, it doesn't matter if it's the best, as long as there's somebody out there that appreciates it it's beautiful and it deserves some respect.

Funnily enough, while I was writing all this love that I have for music in general, my brain was screaming at me "WHAT ABOUT ANACONDA".
But hey, everybody needs a distraction from all the seriousness every once in a while, right?
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