Sigh. Just sigh.

Monday, August 4th, 2014 11:53 am
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 It irks me to no end when I see all those comments on 5 Seconds Of Summer videos, about how they're boyband with instruments and they suck and they won't last more than a year. Fuck you, fuck you and fuck you. And it's not just the fact that I'm a fan, I mean - if you try to listen to All Time Low or Good Charlotte even or a ton of other bands that have the "rock" status, pop rock or otherwise and no one questions them. (other than the usual <this is not true enough> argument, but the rock & metal fanbase isn't really known for being tolerant). My point was, if you take out All Time Low or Good Charlotte's vocals from their songs and put 5 Seconds of Summer instead it could easily become something very similar to their actual songs. (am i making sense? i am in my head but idk) Basically, the only difference is that they are young, pretty (no offence to ATL but you know what I mean) and tour with One Direction. Fucking stereotypes. Why does a pretty face always need to mean bad music, ffs.
I honestly think they have a long way to go, even after the fangirl hype around them dies out.

Now. What the fuck was the point of this post?

Eye contact

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013 11:21 pm
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So I've noticed something.
I never make eye contact. Not intentionally, at least. And if I do, I don't keep it. Especially when I talk to somebody I don't like/don't find interesting. I remember this time when a guy waited for the bus with me, and we talked (well, more like he talked) and I kept my eyes on the ground the whole damn time. Now that I think of it, he might have thought I was shy, but I was just generally uninterested.
I guess that's why I can never tell what color were someone's eyes.
Okay, I might have exagerrated a little. I sometimes keep eye contact. But that basicially means the person is either one of my best friends or someone I'm head over heels for. Actually, the second option first occured only recently. The person was just too pretty. And I couldn't really see their eyes... But the person was just so pretty.
Fangirling, woops.

I wonder if eye contact is this awkward to others too, or it's just my fear of people in general. O.o

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