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Saturday, October 25th, 2014 12:43 am
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See, the thing is, I tend to idolize people a lot. And I mean a lot. Be it celebrities, friends, people I wish I was friends with, it doesn't matter.
And apparently, that's a bad thing. And I disagree. I mean, when I tell someone I look up to them they immediately go "oh no you shouldn't I'm not worth it I'm not that perfect blah blah". This became a thing among british vloggers a few months ago, too. I think Louise (Sprinkle of glitter) started it with this video (and it seems to be most people's view on the subject) with which I agree to some extent. However, most of it I just can't accept. I mean yes, of course youtubers are not perfect, nobody is and that's okay and it does not mean that being inspired by someone and idolizing someone doesn't nessesarily mean you consider them Gods among men. Then there was Alfie (PontlessBlog)'s video which is kind of what I want to say. Okay, I realize there are people that take idolizing to a whole new level, a whole new, frightening and unhealthy level of blind support but come on, we are not all like this. I lost the train of my thought so I will just continue in hopes someone, somewhere actually understands me.
Examples. For example, I idolize the fuck out of Gerard Way. I all but worship him (okay, not really but you get it) and the dude is far from perfect. And he probably fucks up, has fucked up, does stupid things but boy do I admire how he handles it. And what he stands up for. And how fucking artistic he is. And then there is Jacoby Shaddix, and actually, I think every person I've ever idolized is very much fucked up in one way or another and that's what I admire so much. They have gone through things and they still go through things but in the end of the day they are still here, no matter what and that is some strenght there. Strenght is awesome, strenght is admirable and strenght is idol-worthy. 

I guess this was just a long overdue rand over being slightly offended by a youtube video. I refuse to be told who I should or shouldn't idolize, admire, look up to, whatever you call it. I feel like if I continue this paragraph I'll just retell Alfie's video even more than I already did. So, the end.
I swear this post had some sort of structure in my mind. Oh well.

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