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There are bands, musicians in general, that just make me go

I think I've talked about how I love creativity when it comes to music - it doesn't matter whether the style is what I'd usually go for, if I decide a band/song/singer/music video/whatever is creative I'd just listen to it until I start to actually like it. Same goes for the 'fuck you i'll do whatever the fuck i wanna do' attitude. That's how I got into Cobra Starship and My Chemical Romance (and their respective post break up projects) and Foo FIghters and... that wasn't the point at all. The point was, I want to talk about The 1975.

I could've found a more appropriate and less Matty-centered band picture. I don't want to. (That's from the video for 'Love me', by the way.)
See, I'm not one of those i-liked-it-before-it-was-cool people. Mostly because I'm pretty sure the first time I heard them they were already pretty big AND my first song of theirs was Chocolate. I'm not sure it can get any more mainstream. But I'm getting off topic again - my first song was Chocolate and at first I was like 'meh' and then MTV Rocks did the thing they do where they play a song until you either love it or start dreaming of strangling the lead singer. Guess what I went with. I ended up getting the entire album and not playing it for, like, two years or something. Meanwhile MTV Rocks educated me about 'Girls' and 'Sex'. In the end, I did listen to the album.
Now, I'm going to be honest here - they have this thing they do with their music where at first, the entire album sounds like one giant song that never ends. I think I love it? But that's also not what I wanted to talk about. They have a new album out and apparently the theme is pink. And holy shit I love it. I mean look at the video for 'Love me', ffs. It takes a moment (or a lot) to realize it actually has something to do with the lyrics. It's like the entire video is a joke. I mean, the entire video is a joke. I just love it.
And then, the entire reason I started writing this tonight. The Sound. Man, The Sound.

They're not the first band, singer, artist in general to fuck with the negative comments sent their way but man, I love when that happens. It's more pink and more weirdness and seriously, I'm pretty sure it takes some balls to make a joke out of yourself. I'm also pretty sure I'll like every video from this album.
There it is. The I-heart-the1975 tirade is over. Well.

Not related: I just realized I'm all sorts of embarrased every time I even look at my 'recent tags' list. My tagging skills are just sad.

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